An Activist Arrested in Ahvaz

HRANA News Agency – A local human rights activist has reported that Bagher Gholami, Sunni activist and resident of Ahvaz city, has been arrested for the 4th time.
An informed source in Khuzestan, has informed HRANA that the intelligence service forces have arrested Bagher Gholami on Sunday March 6, at 1 am.
According to this source, security forces have seized the books of this activist and has transferred him to an unknown location.
Bagher Gholami is married and has two children with the names of Ishagh and Salameh and lives in Zargan, a northern territory in Ahvaz.
According to local sources, few days ago, some young Arab citizens were arrested for attendance in Quran and Arabic language courses in Shaiban. All except two people with the names of Sami Hamidavi and Sabzi (Naisi), were released and it seems that Bagher Gholami’s detention is associated somehow with these arrests.
Bagher Gholami has multiple arrests and imprisonments in Karoon prison and intelligence service detention centre in his record.
Bagher Gholami was sentenced to one year in prison in branch number 2 the revolutionary court of Ahvaz by judge Mohammad Bagher Mousavi, on charge of hosting sessions for spreading Salafi faith, hatred against the Shia faith, coordinating with foreigners and disrupting national security by spreading Salafi faith, and was released in October 2013 from Karoon prison after serving his sentence.
He was arrested again on December 17, 2015, and released after some time.

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