Ali Moezzi Faces New Charges in a Trial without His Lawyer

HRANA News Agency – The lawyer of Ali Moezzi was prevented from reviewing his case.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), after the very tense first session of the trial without the lawyer, earlier this week Amirsalar Davoodi, lawyer of Mr. Moezzi, visited the branch number one of the court of Karaj, in order to review the case but faced with prevention by the judge.
A close source to Ali Moezzi told HRANA’s reporter, “after the visit of the lawyer, he was asked for authorization and he cooperated with them, but they made excuses and prevented him from reviewing the case”.
During April, first session of the court was held, while prison officers in central prison of Karaj, had beaten him, after he refused to go to the court that wounded his head. He was transferred to court by force.
A close source to him told HRANA, “he was taken to court with an injured head, he refused to recognize the court and was silence. His lawyer was not informed and was not available in the court”.
“Even though, it seems that the judge Ghazi Asef Al-hossaini, the head of branch number one of Karaj court, intended to issue the sentence. Yet, no sentence has been announced to Mr. Moezzi or his lawyer, but the judge talked about the issuance of a one-year-imprisonment sentence, while first session of the court was held in that way and he did not have defend himself”. The source added
Need to be mentioned, this new case has been opened for propaganda against the regime, while he was in prison. Mr. Moezzi was supposed to be released in June, after serving his 4 years in prison sentence, but considering this new case, his freedom would be postponed.
Ali Moezzi who was arrested and imprisoned in 80s, was arrested in fall 2008 and sentenced to certain two years and conditional three years in prison. He was then released after serving two years in prison. Again he was arrested on June 12, 2011, for participating in a memorial ceremony of Ali Saremi, the executed political prisoner.
He was tried in absentia in branch number 15 of revolutionary court, on charge of advocacy of Mojahedi-e-Khalgh and was sentenced to one year in prison. Considering his past three conditional years sentence, he has to serve four years in prison.

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