Ali Zahed Sent To Furlough

HRANA News Agency – Ali Zahed, political prisoner, has been sent to furlough for the first time after 7 years.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Ali Zahed was sent to furlough from Evin prion after 7 years for the first time, on Monday September 7. The sentence of Ali Zahed who had been convicted to death, was recently reduced to life time prison.
Ali Zahed, 47, married and father of one child was arrested by the intelligence service forces, in 2008, and transferred to the Shiraz service office. Prime reason of his arrest was friendship with Mohsen Islamian, who was executed in 2009 on charge of cooperation with kingdom assembly and involvement in bombing attack on Shiraz Hossainieh.

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