Alireza Golipour Ended Hunger Strike after 54 Days

HRANA News Agency- Alireza Golipour who had already been on hunger strike in protest against the procedure of his case, ended his hunger strike on Sunday December 10, after 54 days, due to deterioration of his condition and in light of the authorities’ promise to handle his case. However, due to a long strike and his chronic disease, he was physically weak and he is already in a hospital. According to Mr. Golipour’s lawyer, this prisoner suffers from epilepsy, digestive diseases and heart problems.
According to the report of Human Rights Activist News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Alireza Golipour, prisoner in Evin prison, who had already been on hunger strike for protesting the procedure of his case, ended his hunger strike on Sunday December 10.
Azita Gharabigloo, Mr. Golipour’s lawyer, regarding this prisoner’s current condition, told HRANA’s reporter: “As a result of long-term hunger strike, my client has been suffering from digestive problems and heart disease and increase in epileptic seizures, therefore, his medical doctor has not signed his discharge paper from medical care centers.”
The lawyer continued: “The condition of my client was acute and he has seizures twice a day in the hospital, but no order regarding inability to endure his sentence has been issued.”
Following the deteriorating physical condition of this prisoner, Mr. Alireza Golipour wrote in a letter provided to HRANA, that: “After 54 days of hunger strike, at 4:00 am on December 10, 2017, in accordance with the order to investigate the case by the Prosecutor’s Office of Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court, I ended my hunger strike.”
Alireza Golipour, born in 1986, resident of Tehran, a telecommunications student and employee of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, was arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence in September 2012 and was charged with “Spying in favor of foreigners, specifically the United States” by Branch 15 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court, presided by Judge Salavati, and was sentenced to 39 years and 9 months imprisonment and 170 lashes, on July 2015, and this sentence was reduced to 12 years imprisonment by applying Article 134.
It should be noted that Alireza Golipor, a member of the National Elite Foundation of the country and a Ph.D. student in electrical engineering in Germany, has been in Evin Prison since 2012.

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