Arak Revolutionary Court Issues Final Warrant to Confiscate Abed Tavancheh’s Family Home

HRANA – In an illegal move, the Arak Revolutionary Court has ordered the confiscation of Abed Tavancheh’s residence. Mr. Tavancheh is a left-wing student activist.

According to Daneshjou News, Arak Revolutionary Court has decided to illegally enforce the initial sentence issued for Mr. Tavancheh. The court has not informed Mr. Tavancheh or his lawyer about the verdict.

Previously, Arak Intelligence Office agents had raided the home of Mr. Tavancheh’s father several times in order to arrest this student activist, but were unsuccessful. These agents had threatened to seal the family residence if Mr. Tavancheh did not appear at the Revolutionary Court. The house had been used as collateral for his release.

In January, the Arak Revolutionary Court had sentenced Abed Tavancheh, who is a leftist student activist and a former member of the Amir Kabir University Islamic Student Association, to one year in prison. The court, however, had strangely refused to issue a written sentence. As a result, Mr. Tavancheh and his attorney, Mr. Naser Zarafshan, refused to sign the sentence notification order, which was ambiguous and communicated to them verbally.

Omran Aziz, the judge in charge of the case, then unlawfully sent the ruling to the enforcement unit without referring the sentence to the Appeals Court as required by the law. Immediately following this illegal act, Dr. Zarashan filed a complaint against the judge, who presides over Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court, in the Judges Court. The complaint has been recorded in the Judges Oversight Office.

However, under the pressure of the Arak intelligence authorities, the prosecutor’s office in Arak has decided to treat the initial ruling as affirmed and is insisting on its enforcement.

Failure to stop the enforcement of a judicial sentence where the issuing judge is himself under investigation for failure to follow legal procedure in issuing the sentence is a crime in itself, which the Revolutionary Court is insisting on committing. According to this verdict, Mr. Tavancheh’s bailor has been given 16 days to deliver Abed Tavancheh to the judiciary’s enforcement unit. If this student activist fails to report to prison, the authorities will confiscate his family’s residence in favor of the government.


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