Arbitrary Decisions Make The Conditions Of Furlough In Ghezelhesar Prison Tougher

HRANA News Agency – New authorities of Ghezelhesar Prison have said that for medical furlough, lashing sentences has to be executed and the fine has to be paid in advance, the amount of the bail will be increased as well. Some families are told that they have to sign the permit for selling the bail, in order to have the approval for furlough.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), arbitrary decisions in giving furlough to prisoners in Ghezelhesar prison has become a burden to prisoners and their families, and every change in the management results in new regulations.
According to this report, after changing the supervisory board of management, and changing Ali Nik Ayin to Mr. Shahbakht, rate for the bail has increased to more than three times. An informed source told HRANA’s reporter, “for instance a bail of 30 million thomans have been interchanged to 100 million thomans.”
This source also said, “two weeks ago a Mullah, with the name of Pirooz Jahi was appointed to the same post to replace Shahbakht. New president has said that fines has to be paid completely and lashing sentences has to be executed in advance, and if it is not possible to increase the bail, the permission of selling the bail has to be singed.”
This source continued, Mr. Pirooz Jahi has said that when these conditions are met, then the requests would be processed.
This source also emphasized that “in response to complains of the families, he said that he did not care about the past and from then on these were the rules.”
A family of a prisoner with drug related charges said to RANA’s reporter in this regard, “We do not have a prisoner. We are prisoners ourselves”.

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