Arrest of twenty individuals at Habibollah Latifi’s parents home.

HRANA– Twenty people arrested during a raid by the security and intelligence agents at Habibollah Latifi sentenced to death prisoner home and transferred them to unknown location.
HRANA reporters, 10 pm last night a dozen guests along with eight family members Of Habib Latifi was detained during a massive raid on this political prisoners’ parents home.

Meanwhile all phone calls from the prisoners held in Sanandaj prison is shutdown and there are no information about the fate of Habib Latifi.
At least 30 anti-riot agents with intelligence forces agents stormed the home of his father and arrested twenty people 12 of the detainees were guest of the family and their identities are unknown.
Eye witnesses told our reporter the security forces were very violent and they were beating and assaulting the guests during the arrest of these individuals.

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