At least 12 men were executed in Iran, including two public executions

HRANA News Agency – In different prisons in the cities Zahedan, Shiraz and Kermanshah, at least 12 men were executed. Two of them were publicly executed in Shiraz.

According to the reports by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on Saturday morning, five men: Hadi Nour, Eghbal Jowzani, Mahmoud Zerehpoush, Nezam Eslami and Hassan Mohamadi were executed in the Zahedan prison. Their charge was drug trafficking.

On Sunday morning, five men were executed in Shiraz, three of them in Adel Abad prison and two of them in public. Their charge was drug trafficking and also keeping drugs.

According to another report just released today by HRANA, at least two men were executed in the Dizel Adad prison in Kermanshah with charge of drug trafficking on Wednesday, September 26.


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