At Least Six Ahwazi Arab Citizens Arrested For Reasons Undisclosed

Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) – A number of Ahwazi Arab citizens were arrested by intelligence agents Wednesday, September 12th in Molashiyeh, located in southern Ahvaz County in Iran’s Khuzestan Province, near the Iran-Iraq border.
HRANA was able to identify six of the arrestees as Lami Shamoosi, age 31; Eidan Shamoosi, 28; Shani Shamoosi, 29; Farhan Shamoosi, 27; Amir Shamoosi, 19; and Jasem Heydari, 21.
Many more than these six have been detained, according to estimates from local sources. At the time of this report, no further information was available on their location or the reason for their arrests.
An annual report published by Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRAI) states that in 2017, 6883 citizens were arrested in Iran on ideological or political grounds. Among these were the arrests of 1281 individuals accused of posing a political, ideological, or security-related threat to Iranian citizenry.
The demographics of the arrest pool include 66 media activists, 14 environmental activists, 222 religious minorities, 114 women protesters and women’s rights activists, and 60 laborers and labor activists.

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