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At least two more executions in Kermanshah and Kashan

Posted on: 28th August, 2013
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  • Editor: Human
  • Translator: Houman Niyazi
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HRANA News Agency – At least 2 prisoners have been hanged on charges of murder and drug trafficking in Kermanshah Dizel Abad prison and Kashan.


According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), “Gharib Moradi” the son of Mohammad Ali from Balei village of Paveh who was under arrest on charge of killing “Adnan Farzad” from Hajij village of Paveh since 2008 has been executed today morning in Dizel Abad prison of Kermanshah.


Also at least one prisoner from Kerman has been executed on charge of having 3 kg Shishe in Kashan prison yesterday morning.


At least 40 prisoners have been executed during last week. The new execution flood was expected after Ramadan however according to the reports of HRANA reporters the Iranian judiciary has been executing prisoners during Ramadan, too. As an example there have been a prisoner hanged in Urmiye prison during Ramadan.


Iran is the second country of the world in executing prisoners after China. Comparing the population of 2 countries Iran has the highest percentage of execution in the world.