Authorities Reject Fariborz Kardar’s Parole Request

HRANA News Agency – Prosecution authorities do not agree with Fariborz Kardar’s parole request. The poet imprisoned in ward 7 of Evin was arrested in October 2013 on charges of critical activities in social networks, and particularly Facebook and has been detained in Evin prison since then.
Despite having a general amnesty, he still faces the prosecution’s disagreement with his parole.
One this poet’s family’s close relatives in an interview with the reporter of HRANA, Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran, said: “Fariborz Kardar was remitted in July 2015 and instead of being released, just 5 years and 3 months of his imprisonment was reduced. Although, he has spent 30 months of his imprisonment, but still they oppose his parole and each time his family go to the Prosecutor, they do not get a response. Fariborz Kardar was arrested just because of poetry in his personal Facebook page”.
This source continued: “Fariborz Kardar was arrested by the intelligence agents of the Revolutionary Guards, on October 2, 2013, and transferred to ward 350 in Evin prison, after being held in solitary confinement for 15 days. Then he was transferred to ward 8 in Evin prison and after 12 days was transferred to ward 7. Fariborz Kardar is a poet, and was arrested by the intelligence agents of Revolutionary Guards, because of his poetry in which he has criticized Iran’s society’s situation.”
This source added: “Fariborz Kardar is not in a good condition in ward 7, as this ward belongs to prisoners with general crimes”.
It is noteworthy, Fariborz Kardar was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment by judge Moghiseh, on April 19, 2014, and in the appeal court, this sentence was reduced to 7 years according to the new Penal Code on September 29, 2014.

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