Badi Hossein Panahi on hunger strike to support prisoners in Uremia

HRANA News Agency – Badi Hossein Panahi has gone on hunger strike in support of political prisoners at the central prison of Uremia (Darya).
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Badi Hossein Panahi, political prisoners detained in Bandar Lengeh prison, began a hunger strike in support of political prisoners at Uremia Central prison.
Badi Hossein Panahi, Kurdish political activist, on 21st January 2014, was arrested by the security forces of Bandar Kish and since then has remained in Bandar Lengeh prison.
An informed source told HRANA’s reporter: “Mr. Hossein Panahi has stated that, along with supporting Kurdish political prisoners at the prison of Uremia and also for the solidarity among all Kurdish political prisoners, he has begun hunger strike from 30th November.”
On Tuesday, 9th September, he was sentenced to a total 7 years of imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court in Hormozgan Province on charge of “Acting against national security” by cooperating with one of the Kurdish opposition parties.
It is worth noting that, Sunday 30th November, was the 10th day of hunger strike by 29 political    prisoners in Uremia central prison. This hunger strike is to protest at transferring political prisoners to other wards and in addition, transferring some General crime related prisoners to political prisoners’ ward.
At the same time, a number of political prisoners of Sanandaj and all Kurdish political prisoners in the Southern prisons of Iran, in support of Uremia political prisoners’ demands stated: ” they will go on hunger strike if the authorities continue to ignore the demands of political prisoners at Uremia Prison.”
Also, twenty political activists, detained in the central prison of Zahedan, have published a letter addressing the human rights organizations and has supported the strikers in the prison of Uremia.

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