Baha’i Citizen Detained in Qaimshahr

HRANA – Mrs. Shahnaz Ranjbar Oladi, a Baha’i resident, was arrested on Monday, June 7, 2010.

In the morning hours of Monday June 7, 2010, Mrs. Shahnaz Ranjbar Oladi received a call from the Intelligence Bureau of the city of Qaimshahr.  The agents asked Mrs. Ranjbar to report to the Intelligence Bureau to answer some questions.  She was arrested upon arrival for her membership in the Mothers Today organization. Later that day, when Mrs. Ranjbar’s husband went to the Intelligence Bureau to ask about his wife’s whereabouts; he was told that “since Mrs. Ranjbar is refusing to be interrogated, she will continue to be held in detention for the time being.”

Mothers Today is a non-profit and a non-governmental organization with no political affiliation. It focuses on the special needs of children and youth and strives to empower families to have better rapport with each other.  Mothers Today has been a registered organization in Iran since August 4, 1998, under registration number 10349.

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