The Bail Put for Peyman Aref Being Forfeited

 HRANA News Agency – According to the issued notice by Branch 1 of the law enforcement of Evin Prison, Masood Olyaee sponsor of Peyman Aref was required to introduce him to the judicial authorities in the next 30 days. The notice states that in the absence of Peyman Aref, the bail will be forfeited in favor of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Peyman Aref announced in an interview with HRANA in connection with this notification: “The forfeiting of the bail is related to my last case in which I was sentenced to one year in prison and was eventually forced to leave the country.”

The deprived of education student said: “Security Court (shahid Moghadas) referred our home several times in recent months to arrest me and implement the order. Apparently they did not believe that I am out of the country. Eventually forfeited the bail and send this notice to my sponsor who also is my lawyer.”

The last sentence of Peyman Aref which was 1 years in prison was confirmed by Branch 36 of the Appeal Court in 2015. Earlier, judge Mogheyse in the lower court sentenced Peyman Aref to one year in prison on charge of propaganda against the regime.

Peyman Aref, starred student of political science, professor at Tarbiat Modarres University and member of the National Front of Iran was arrested five times and was in prison for more than two years.

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