The Booklet of Learning How to Report Human Rights Violations Published

HRANA News Agency – The educational booklet “Documentation of Human Rights Abuse and Reporting in Plain Language” is one of the educational content that has been developed and used by HRANA. This pamphlet was presented to the human rights activists in a simple language to share experiences and practical training.

The forthcoming educational pamphlet is one of the things human rights activists use to present their educational programs.

The brochure in two sections describes how to identify and document human rights abuses and then set up news reports.

The topics discussed are detailed topics that are summarized and simplified to serve the purpose of training.

In addition to the experiences of the group, including the HRANA News Agency team, other brochures have also been used in this pamphlet.

If you are interested, you can download and the PDF version and use this booklet by, clicking here.

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