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A Brief Report about the Diesel Abad Prison of Kermanshah

Posted on: 8th May, 2016
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Diesel Abad Prison

HRANA News Agency – Diesel Abad Prison in the West of Kermanshah, has been formed of 10 wards and 6 halls. In the report, prisoners said about the maltreatment and being beaten by prison officials, poor quality and lack of food, poor sanitation and lack of medical attention. According to the official reports the prison population is much greater than the capacity of the prison.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), although there is no official statistics for the number of prisoners in Diesel Abad Prison in the West of Kermanshah, but according to the prisoners, the prison population is estimated to be about 6,000 people. According to reports of local media, the prison population is much more than its capacity.

One of the prisoners of Diesel Abad Prison said to HRANA about the number of sectors and the population of the prison: “Diesel Abad Prison has 10 ward and 6 halls. Hall 1 is for juveniles and others are for the adults. Ward 10 also is public and there methadone and cigarettes are free. The prison has at least 6,000 inmates and at least 500 prisoners are kept in the solitary confinements.”

This witness also emphasized on nutritional status: “The food situation of prison is awful. Food is less with low nutritional value, and if you do not have a family meeting, you will be malnourished. Breakfast is a jam and butter, and the next day an egg and a bread, the next day fifty grams of cheese. Sometimes the cheese is for the breakfast and dinner as well.”

Another prisoner who suffers from skin disease said about the health situation and medical care: “Mostly prisoners are sick, lice and communicable skin diseases are full in jail. If you are lucky only once per month you can turn to visit doctor and then just a number of medications will be prescribed and, if untreated, further action will not be taken.”

The third prisoner said about the beating in an interview with the reporters of HRANA: “Here they treat us like animals. We are beaten by prison officials and guards by any excuse. If we are back from leave, and suspected of carrying drugs, they baste our anal and we must sit down on hold with handcuffs for 48 hours. If one has no drugs, nothing happens even a simple apology. But God forbid that officials find drugs from prisoners, then they will send him to ward 9 and torture him.”

This prisoners said about the cases of the prisoners and officials illegitimate requests of their families: “Here are a large number of prisoners without definitive sentences. Some of the prison officials ask for bribe and sometimes even have illegitimate [sexual] requests of the detainees’ families. For example, if the prisoner’s family wants to send clothing for the prisoner they must either pay bribe or be ready to fulfill their illegal demands.”