Calendar of Human Rights Abuses Against Baha’is, March and April 2010

May 4, 2010

HRA News AgencyCalendar of Human Rights Abuse of Baha’is, March and April 2010


March 21

Ms. Sama Nourani and Mr. Iqan Shahidi are two Baha’i youths barred from attending college because of their religion.  They were arrested on March 2 and March3 respectively in a wave of arrest of human rights activists. On March 21 they had meeting with their families at the Evin prison.

Ms. Dorsa Sobhani is a human rights activist and a Baha’i youth barred from attending college.  She was arrested on March 6 at her residence in Sari. She had a meeting with her family on March 21.

March 24

Fifty Baha’i youths of Shiraz who had started classes for impoverished kids were barred from leaving the country.

Mr. Navid Khanjani is a human rights activist and a Baha’i youth barred from attending college.  He was arrested on March 2.  On March 24, Mr. Khanjani had the chance to meet with his family for the first time.

March 25

Mr. Moshfegh Samandari is a Baha’i citizen of Babol.  He was sentenced to a six month prison term by the Revolutionary Court for his religion. On March 25, a higher Court denied Mr. Samandari’s appeal and ordered him to serve his sentence.

March 28

Security agents entered and searched the home of a Baha’i citizen of Sari, Mr. Behnam Arjmand, and took his computer.

The body of Mr. Abbasgholi Samimi of Najafabad was left for seven days in the hospital as the authorities denied issuing a permit for burial. Mr. Samimi was a Baha’i.  On March 28 government agents took the body to Esfahan, without his family’s knowledge or permission, and buried it in Esfahan’s Baha’i cemetery.

The Islamic Republic filtered four more Baha’i websites.  These websites are Saqar, Iran Press watch, Khabar Navard and Negahdigar.

March 29

Mr. Payam Fanaian is a Baha’i citizen of Tehran.  He was arrested on January 3 for participating in a demonstration on December 27.  The Court handed down a six year sentence for Mr. Fanaian on March 29.  Mr. Fanaian saw his family at the trial for the first time in nearly three months.

Two Baha’i citizens of Yazd Messrs Behnam Rohanifard and Sohail Rohanifard entered the Yazd prison to serve their sentences.  They have nine month and eighteen month sentences respectively.

April 1

Ms. Dorsa Sobhani (see March 21 above) notified her family that she left solitary confinement.

April 3

Mr. Artin Ghazanfari is a Baha’i youth who was arrested on January 3.  He was released after posting a $50,000.00 bail.

Three Baha’i students of Payam-e-Noor University’s Bojnoord campus were expelled because of their religious beliefs.  The students were Ms. Mona Sharifi Mohabati, Mr. Shayan Sanaei and Mr.Anoosh Sharifi Mohabati.  The news of the expulsions was on the University website and was confirmed by the authorities.

April 6

Five Baha’is of Marvdasht who were arrested on March 1 were released after posting a $50,000.00 bail.

April 8

Mr. Payam Vali of Karaj, who was arrested on February 1, was released after posting a $50,000.00 bail.

April 9

Unidentified men entered and damaged a three acre orchard belonging to three Marvdasht Baha’is.  They destroyed over 1200 fruit trees.

Reports indicate that Mr. Iqan Shahidi and Ms. Sama Nourani (see March 21) are under severe pressure to appear on television and make false confessions.

Reports indicate that Mr. Navid Khanjani (see March 24) is under severe pressure to accept false charges.  Mr. Khanjani is a Baha’i citizen and a founder of the human rights group Stop Discrimination in Higher Education.  He is currently imprisoned in the Evin prison.

April 10

Ms. Hoda Fallah is a Baha’i citizen of Babolsar.  She was summoned to the Revolutionary Court and was interrogated.  She was released upon submitting her business permit until her next interrogation.

April 11

Mr. Artin Ghazanfari was detained again one week after his release. The judge told Mr. Ghazanfari’s lawyer that he could not choose his lawyer and that his release was a clerical error.

The security agents entered and searched the house of Mr. Moin Ismailpour of Nashtarood.  They took a computer and other personal items.

The security agents entered and searched the house of Mr. Foad Anvari of Tonkabon.   They took his Baha’i books and his computer.

April 12

The father of Mr. Vahid Ismailzadegan was threatened to close his shop in the city of Tonkabon or lose his business permit.   Mr. Vahid Ismailzadegan was released from prison on November 21, 2009.

The third session of the trial of the seven Baha’i leaders was scheduled for April 12.  But the authorities tried to prevent the family members from entering the courtroom.  Upon entering the courtroom, the Baha’is noted the presence of many security agents and a film crew.  They left the courtroom on the advice of their attorneys and the judge postponed the Court proceedings without giving a date.

Ms. Nahid Ghadiri of Mashhad met her family after one month in detention.  Reports indicate that she is under pressure to refrain from all Baha’i activities.

April 13

Ms. Rozita Vaseghi of Mashhad was transferred to solitary confinement in the Vakilabad prison.  She has been detained at the Security Bureau since March 15.

April 14

The Court reviewed the case of Mr. Artin Ghazanfari for 30 minutes.  He was sent back to prison afterwards.

April 16

Mr. Navid Khanjani was transferred from the solitary confinement to the general ward of Evin prison.  Mr. Khanjani’s family was notified that Baha’is did not have any rights and need not take the court’s time by coming to the Court and making inquiries regarding their loved ones.

April 17

Mr. Artin Ghazanfari was released again by posting a higher bail amount.


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