Christian Convert Esmaeil Nariman-Pour Arrested in Dezful

Christian Convert Esmaeil Nariman-Pour Arrested in Dezful

Esmaeil Nariman-Pour, a Christian convert, was apprehended by security forces in Dezful county, Khuzestan province, on Sunday, December 24, as reported by Mohabat News.

According to sources, Ministry of Intelligence agents raided Nariman-Pour’s residence on the eve of Christmas without presenting an arrest warrant. During the arrest, a thorough search was conducted, leading to the confiscation of some of his belongings.

Despite inquiries made by Nariman-Pour’s family to the Ministry of Intelligence office in Dezful, there has been no response. On Monday, he was permitted to make a brief phone call to inform his family about his relocation to Ahvaz, though specific details were not disclosed.

The charges against Nariman-Pour remain undisclosed at this time. Notably, as a Christian convert and a member of the Payam Rahaeee church, he has previously faced arrests.

It is noteworthy that despite Christians being officially recognized as a religious minority according to law, security apparatuses persist in monitoring their religious activities, resulting in prosecution and judicial confrontations.

It is crucial to emphasize that such actions stand in blatant violation of Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. These international instruments affirm the right of everyone to freedom of religion, the freedom to change their religion or belief, and the freedom to express these beliefs individually or collectively, openly or in private.

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