Civil activists protested in front of Evin Prison

HRANA News Agency – Some civil rights’ activists gathered in front of Evin prison in protest at recent arrests.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), 10 civil rights’ activists who reside in Tehran have gathered in front of Evin prison in protest at recent arrests, on Monday, September 22.
The dissident artist, Mohammad Nourizad was among the protestors, and protestors asked for the release of Arash Sadeghi, Golrokh Irayi, Atena Faraghdani and Omid Alishenas.
The mother of Omid Alishenas who was among the protestors was told by the authorities that her son will be released on a 100 million Tomans.
Around 70 motor cycle anti-riot police forces equipped with baton surrounded the protestors and asked them to leave, but they did not leave until the mother of Omid Alishenas came back.
One of the protestors, told HRANA’s reporter, “despite the fact that we gathered in small number to show our legal protest, anti-riot police and security forces came in large number. Fortunately, there were no conflict and we asked them to tell us about the condition of prisoners. After Omid’s mother came back, she said they allowed her to visit Omid and he will be released on a 100 million Tomans bail in 2 or 3 days, so we left”.

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