Concerns Mount about the Fate of Azad Kamangar

HRANA – More than 10 days after the arrest of a group of students at Yazdan Panah Technical and Engineering University in Sanandaj, the Kamangar family remains in the dark about the condition of Azad Kamangar. 

A student at Yazdan Panah Technical and Engineering University, Azad Kamangar is the nephew of Farzad Kamangar, the Kurdish teacher and former member of Human Rights Activists in Iran whose shocking execution on May 9, 2010, sparked world-wide protests.

Based on information received by HRANA, Azad Kamangar disappeared on May 27, 2010, and there has been no information about his condition or whereabouts over the past 11 days. Azad’s family have been working tirelessly to find their son and have followed-up with all intelligence, police and judicial organs, but unfortunately, their efforts have not yielded any results.

In an interview with HRANA, Azad’s family revealed that his mobile phone has been switched off for the past 11 days and no organization has accepted responsibility for his arrest thus far. The Kamangar family are extremely worried about Azad’s fate.

On Thursday, May 27, Intelligence Ministry agents arrested six Yazdan Panah University students following a ceremony held at the university for the five prisoners executed on May 9th. The agents then went to Azad Kamangar’s family residence in order to arrest him. They searched the home, but failed to arrest him because he was not home at that time.


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