Critical condition of Hadi Rashedi in Karoun prison of Ahwaz

HRANA News Agency– Hadi Rashedi from Ramshir, teacher of education department
who is sentenced to death in accusation of enmity against God, has been deprived of his rights of healthcare and his sickness treatments.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Hadi Rashedi the son of Mir Hamzeh from and resident of Ramshir, is suffering from heart disease and acute liver problem.

When he was detained in the horrible detention center of Etela’at, his hip (Pelvis) has broken by the interrogators under the severe tortures.
Prison officials refused to transfer him to the hospital and told him that you do not deserve treatment.
Hadi Rashedi who has been arrested by Ahwaz Etela’at on February 28th of 2011, been accused to enmity against God, Propaganda against Islamic Republic and acting against national security and sentenced to death with Hashem Sha’bani Nezhad, Seyyed Mokhtar Alboshokeh, Seyyed Yaber Alboshokeh and Mohammad Ali Amoori Nezhad by branch 2 of revolutionary court of Ahwaz by judge Seyyed Mohammad Bagher Mousavi.
Last week the judges Reza Farajollahi, Qaem Maqami and Lotfi confirmed the death verdict of these 5 prisoners in branch 32 of supreme court.
Translated by: Ramyar Hassani

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