Death of a prisoner in solitary confinement under torture in City of Karaj “Rajaie prison “

HRANA – Monday, April 11, 2011, the body of a prisoner who had killed under unbearable torture was transferred from solitary confinement in section 1 to the clinic of “Rajaie Prison” in city of Karaj.

According to The HRANA reporters, News Organizations for Human Rights Activists in Iran, on Monday the body of a prisoner named Javad Asgari who was imprisoned for financial charges (not paying the dowry), was taken to the prison Clinic in serious condition.

According to the section guards, this prisoner who was sent to solitary confinement as a punishment had been abandoned with his hand tied in bascule lock for weeks.

Evin Prison physicians have determined unbearable torture as the cause for death, due to the Bascule lock in his “foot bone” Doctors were forced to break his leg in order to release him.

It is important to be mentioned that signs of serious physical torture on his body has been and he had been severely injured in chin area, right hand and left foot.

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