All Executed Prisoners in Rajai Shahr Prison Identified by HRANA

HRANA News Agency – On July 13, 6 prisoners were executed on charge of murder in Rajai Shahr prison. The prisoners along with five other prisoners had been transferred to solitary confinements of the prison on July 10. 5 of the prisoners were transferred to their wards and their sentences were not carried out by the consent of the plaintiffs. HRANA has been able to obtain the identities of the six executed prisoners:

1. Hassan Mehdilo from ward 2 known as Darolghoran
2. Saeed Akbari from ward 1
3. Hassan Javadi from ward 1
4. Saeed Hossein Khani from ward 4
5. Saeed Ahmed from ward 6
6. Kazem Khadem Rezaeian

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