Five more executions / Two in public + photos

HRANA News Agency – Three prisoners have been hanged in Ardebil on charge of drug trafficking as well as two others who were executed on charge of murder in Babol in public.


According to a report by IRIB, the prosecutor of Babol said yesterday: “The two murderers who had killed the members of Tavakkol family in October 2010 including the parents and the children, have been hanged in Madar square of Babol today morning.”


Also the prosecutor of Ardebil reported the execution of 3 prisoners on charge of drug trafficking and said: “These prisoners were hanged on charge of having and marketing 19kg Heroin. We have executed 16 drug traffickers this year. According to the article 8 of drug law, those who have more than 30gr Heroin will face death penalty.”


The photos below belong to the public execution of two prisoners in Babol:

babol babol1 babol2 babol3babol4 babol5 babol6 babol7babol8 babol9 babol10 babol11babol12 babol13 babol14 babol15babol16 babol18 babol19 babol20

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