Five years imprisonment confirmed for a Kurdish student activist

HRANA News Agency – Western Azerbayejan provincial appealed, confirmed the 5 years imprisonment verdict for Jamal Ghader Nezhad who has been sentenced by Mahabad court.
“The final verdict of 5 years imprisonment for Jamal Ghader Nezhad confirmed by branch 10 of western Azerbayejan provincial appealed”, Ghader Nezhad’s lawyer said to Moukrian news agency.
Jamal Ghader Nezhad is student of sociology in Payame Noor university of Miando’ab.
Abbas Jamali, the lawyer of the dossier declared that the main accusation to his client is membership in one of Kurdish subversive parties, but he also mentioned collusion against national security and propaganda against regime as the other accusations in his client’s dossier.
“My client was been arrested by Etela’at according to the mentioned accusations and the surprising point is that Etela’at demanded very clearly for the highest punishment citing to articles 499, 500 and 610 of criminal law which is totally illegal and this department is not allowed to demand the punishment range for anyone; And it is the job of prosecutors and courts”, Mr. Jamali added.
According to Mr. Jamali his client claimed that he is not a member of any subversive parties but the judge sentenced him.
“The judge declared that the other accusations as collusion against national security and propaganda against regime are not apart and sentenced Ghader Nezhad to 5 years imprisonment only in accusation of membership in subversive party”, Mr. Jamali continued.
During the report, Mr. Jamali said that Etela’at claimed about 500 pages evidence to prove everything, but when Mr. Jamali asked judge to sow the evidence, the judge said that “I have seen, it is enough. You do not need to see it”.
“I objected all these stuff during the appealed session but the verdict confirmed and the realities neglected by appealed”, Abbas Jamali said.
Jamal Ghader Nezhad’s lawyer confirmed that his client is suffering of intervertebral disc herniation, also that he asked medical furlough for his client by bail which refused by the court.
Ghader Nezhad has serious intervertebral disc herniation and it might affect his condition and his health.
Abbas Jamali declared his point of view about his client’s verdict that it is totally unfair because there is no evidence to prove the accusation and the verdict has been issued just according to the Etela’at report.

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