Four Baha’i high school students arrested

HRANA News Agency – The Etela’at agents of Semnan in a rare act arrested four Baha’i students without informing their families.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the Etela’at agents of Semnan entered Shahid Beheshti and Amir Kabir high schools with permission from administration of education, arrested four Baha’i students in classroom and transferred them to Semnan Etela’at. The arrested students are Sina Fanaiyan, Armin Allah Verdi, Ramin Amiri and Younes Khanjani.

The arrested students were interrogated and asked to provide any information they have about Ardeshir Fanaiyan who was arrested 24 days ago.

Also by intimidation and some offerings asked them to be Etela’at espionage among Baha’is in Semnan.

In the other hand the parents of arrested students were worry when their offsprings delayed and went to schools around 2 O’clock. The head of the schools dodged the parents for a bit but then told them the story.

Finally the arrested Baha’i students were released after a few hours interrogation.


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