Hassan Damirchi’s imprisonment sentence is confirmed

HRANA News Agency – The branch 6 of East-Azerbaijan appeal court, has confirmed the 6 months imprisonment sentence of the social activist, Hassan Damirchi (Mohammad Hassan Hargoli).
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the sentence of 6 months imprisonment, which was announced by the branch 3 of Tabriz court, has been confirmed by branch 6 of appeal court of East-Azerbaijan.
The chancellor of branch 3 of the revolutionary court of Tabriz, Hamid Bagherpour, claimed that documentations of attending in ethnic gathering inside and outside of country, collecting public funds without finding legal permission, instructing music without having permission, interacting with separationists inside and outside of country, meeting released prisoners in group with the intension of supporting and parsing separationist activities, are the bases which contemplated for announcement of the sentence. This is despite the fact that, according to article 500 of Islamic penal code, none of the aforesaid allegations of the petition, are underlined as the charges of collusion and propaganda against government.
Needed to be mentioned, case scrutiny was carried out by judge Hamidpour, on branch 3 of Revolutionary court of Tabriz, at July 14.
Hassan Damirchi has several arrests and sentences for similar charges and allegations on his record, because of his social activities.

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