Hedayat Abdullahpour Sentenced to Death Despite Supreme Court’s Objection

HRANA News Agency – Hedayat Abdullahpour was sentenced to death again after his case was sent to the appeal court by the Supreme Court of the country. Hossein Ahmad Niazi, lawyer of this political prisoner, told HRANA that he would make an appeal for his client.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the verdict of a prisoner at Orumieh Central Prison, who had sentenced to death for Baghi (combat with the regime), by the lower court, was referred to another branch after being reviewed by the Supreme Court, for re-examination.

The equal branch at Orumieh Revolutionary Court again sentenced Hedayat Abdullahpour to death, after reviewing the case and despite the Supreme Court’s opinion.

The prisoner’s verdict was issued while he claims that he has never taken arms and did not have a weapon at the time of his arrest.

Hossein Ahmadi Niaz, Mr. Abdullahpour’s lawyer, regarding his client’s legal status, told HRANA’s reporter: “Hedayat Abdullahpour was forced to a process that did not have any knowledge of the matter and did not tend to do something and unfortunately went into these conditions. The honorable complainant, which is the IRGC, has called for his execution and charge with blasphemy.”

The lawyer added: “The first court has charged him with “Baghi” and issued an execution sentence, and then the Supreme Court had rejected the sentence because he had no weapons. The interpretation of the law should be in favor of the defendant, but the equal branch again sentenced him to death.”

Ahmadi Niaz added: “I will make an appeal to this case and I hope that the Supreme Court will consider justice.”

This prisoner, who had been sentenced to death in Orumieh Revolutionary Court earlier, made an appeal due to the defect in trial, and his verdict was rejected by the Supreme Court and his case was sent to the equal branch for retrial.

Mr. Abdullahpour was tried again on January 10, 2018 by the Revolutionary Court of Orumieh and was again sentenced to death on charge of “Baghi”.

He was arrested along with six others, after the conflict in the village of “Qara Seghl” of Eshnaviyah on June 15, 2016.

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