Heshmatollah Tabarzadi has to return to prison

HRANA News Agency – Just a while before presidential elections in Iran, Heshmatollah Tabarzadi the imprisoned journalist and secretary general of Iran democratic front has summoned to return to prison.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), this political prisoner of Karaj Rajai Shahr prison who had come for vacation after 3 years is informed through a telephone call by the intelligence agents that he has to return to prison.
He was told to return to prison by yesterday evening.
Heshmatollah Tabarzadi who had been arrested several times before and been in prison for more than 9 years, was arrested on December 28, 2009 and sentenced to 9 years of prison.
He was the manager of some gazettes like “The massage of the students,” “The call of the students,” “Our identity” and “Daily report.”

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