High prices and black market at Rajai Shahr Prison

HRANA News Agency – Prisoners of various wards in Rajai Shahr prison have complained about goods high prices and black markets by prison’s shop and they say prison officials do not handle their complain.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), each of wards in Rajai Shahr prison, in Karaj, included 3 Halls, has a shop in its yard.
Considering prison’s poor quality foods, prisoners have to buy their needs from prison stores. It is a while that prisoners of Rajai Shahr prison complain about the prison stores’ high prices, but they say that the prison governor has not done anything regarding our complaint.
These expensive prices sometimes are up to twice than the actual price of the goods outside the prison.
Rajai Shahr prisoners also, say that the shop officials sell some of the goods at once to some of the prisoners to launch a black market inside the wards.
A prisoner from Rjai Shahr prison of Karaj, in a contact with HRANA’s reporter said: “Most prices of the goods in prison stores are twice up than normal. We were announced today that as tomato is the prisoners’ main order, its price is 6 thousands Tomans per kilo, while out of the prison it is 3 thousands Toman. All kind of fruits are 1500 Toman more expensive than its price out of prison”.
He also said: “The other problem we have is that some of the prisoners coordinate the prison shop and prison shop sells some items at once to those prisoners. This will cause the black market inside the wards. For example, last month there were sewing scissors with a price of 6 thousands Tomans, but the scissors were not sold in the store and now its price is 70 thousands Tomans on the black market sales”.
This prisoner also added: “The quality of prison food is very low and a number of cockroaches and even rats have been found in food. That’s why prisoners do not tend to eat prison’s food. There is no choice but to buy from wards stores, and that causes financial abuse of prisoners. Prisoners’ representative has talked to prison governor about it, but he does not respond effectively to our complaint.”

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