HRANA Recap: This Week’s Protests in Iran

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, a number of protests took place this week in Iran, many of which were continuations of ongoing movements.  Read our recap below for details, photos, and videos from the demonstrations.

Friday, December 10

Following Iran’s president, Ibrahim Raisi’s, visit to Lorestan Province, a group of villagers from the area near Khorramabad gathered at the entrance of the airport, where the president was going to be received. The villagers protested against water supply management, chanting, “we don’t have drinking water”.

Similarly, a number of railway workers assembled and demanded that issues regarding supplementary insurance, official contracts and access to safety equipment be addressed.

Saturday, December 11

In response to a call by the Coordination Council of Iranian Teachers’ Trade Associations, the educators and teachers of 100 cities across the country went on a strike and held protest to demand the implementation of a plan already enacted by Parliament whereby teachers’ income will be raised in accordance with a ranking.

A number of workers of the Ahvaz Water and Wastewater Company assembled before the company building to ask for their delayed payments. A number of the workers of the Ahvaz Water and Wastewater Company assembled before the company building to protest against the recent company merger with its counterparts in rural areas. According to these protesters, the company can hardly afford to pay salaries due to the cost of the 500 additional personnel that accompanied the merger. Workers said the merger has brought the company to the verge of destruction.

A group of the workers at the mining company Toos, located in Khaf County, assembled at their workplace to protest against delays in payments and insurance issues. This protest ended with the promise by some company managers and other local authorities to address these issues.

A group of the workers of the car company Azim Khodro assembled to ask their wage demands be met and to protest against factory closure. These workers blocked the road connecting Oshtorinan City to Lorestan. Reportedly, due to some legal issues, the company is banned from operating and consequently, 180 workers have been laid off without pay.


Sunday, December 12

For the second consecutive day, educators and teachers in dozens of cities across the country assembled to ask for the implementation of an enacted plan to raise wages.

A group of the retirees of the Gilan’s Social Security Organization assembled before organization headquarters to ask that demands, such as raising wages above the poverty line, be filled.

Similarly, a group of the retirees of the Khuzestan’s Social Security Organization assembled in front of the organization building in Ahvaz City. They asked for the elimination of pension disparities and other demands.

Retirees of the Fulad Company Pension Fund assembled in front of the pension fund office in Isfahan City to ask for demands regarding pensions.

A group of the workers of steel company Fulad Yasuj assembled before the governorate building in Yasuj City to protest against a factory shut down due to power outages and the consequential layoff of 226 workers.

Monday, December 13

Thousands of retired and working teachers and educators, joined by other citizens, demonstrated in more than 100 cities across the country. These protests were held on December 13 at the call of the Coordination Council of Iranian Teachers’ Trade Associations.

Their more important demand was the implementation of a plan whereupon the incomes of teachers will be increased depending on rank, to up to 80% of the salaries of faculty members.

Several workers of petrochemical company Regal assembled in front of the governorate building in Bandar Mahshahr City. They demanded implementation a Job Ranking Plan, as well as unpaid benefits and supplementary insurance.

Tuesday, December 14

In Shiraz City, retirees of the Iran Telecommunication Industry (ITI) assembled in protest against long unpaid benefits and wages accumulated over 15 years. Reportedly, the benefits and wages of about 1500 retired workers have never been fully paid during and after company closure in the last decade.

A group of workers under recruitment of the contracting companies affiliated with Iran Electric Power Distribution Companies travelled to Tehran and assembled in front of Parliament. On that day, the conditions of contractual workers were discussed in the parliament. The protesters asked for removing private contracting companies and to be employed directly by the Electric Power Distribution Companies.

Workers of petrochemical company Takhte-Jamshid, located in Bandar Imam Khomeini Petrochemical Special Economic Zone, assembled before the company entrance to protest against low wages. They said that after adopting the Job Classification Plan, wages have not been significantly raised. Even worse, in some cases, wages have been decreased.

Residents of the village Lavar-Sharghi in Dashti County, located in Bushehr Province, assembled on the road connecting the village to the center part of the county. They said that heavily loaded vehicles from a cement factory caused consdierable damage to the road.

Wednesday, December 16

A number of personnel of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in East Azerbaijan Province held a protest before ministry offices to protest against low wages and irregularity in payments.

A number of contracted teachers assembled before Tehran’s <inistry of education to ask for their demands. They chanted that they would not go to work until their issues were addressed.

In Tehran, a group of taxi drivers assembled before the Municipal Taxi Organization’s building. Sccording to a protestor, the company has refused to deliver cabs despite the drivers paying 60 million tomans (14,280 USD). In a violation of the purchase contract, the company has requested additional payment, claiming the price of a car has increased by 18%.

A number of farmers in Hirmand City in Sistan and Baluchestan Province assembled in front of governorate building to protest against cuts to fuel portions for water engines and tractors. 

Thursday December 16

Hundreds of educators and teachers in Hamedan Province held protests in front of the building the Ministry of Education. They asked for the implementation of the Ranking Plan, wage raises, and the freeing of detained teachers.

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