HRANA Recap: This Week’s Protests in Iran

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, a number of protests took place this week in Iran, many of which were continuations of ongoing movements.  Read our recap below for details, photos, and videos from the demonstrations.

Friday, December 17

Dozens of citizens held protests in Azadshahr City as backlash against the removal of Sunni Imam Mohammad Hossein Gorgij from his office. This unprecedented dismissal was ordered by a representative of the Supreme Leader in Golsetan and aroused the anger of Sunni communities in Iran.

Following a visit by the Minister of the Economy to Bahabad City in Yazd province, a number of people held protests to ask the minister to halt the construction of new mines which are considered destructive for both the environment and the cultural texture of the city.

A number of citizens who had long ago purchased land that was previously managed by police in Mahdasht in Karaj protested against legal issues regarding these lands that have still not been resolved after 19 years.

Saturday, December 18

A group of workers at the Zinc Production Factory of Bandar Abbas assembled in front of the factory building and asked to address raw material supply issues. According to the testimony of  one of the workers, these problems have caused factory closure since August of this year.

A number of the workers at petrochemical company Farabi assembled before company headquarters to protest against the failure to implement the Job Classification Plan. They also asked for wage raises when it comes to overtime, shift working and working on holidays. According to these workers, the company manager has reduced their wages and benefits and tried to replace the protesting workers with new ones as revenge rather than address the issues.

In Isfahan, dozens of contracted teachers assembled in front of the Ministry of Education building and protested for their demands.

A number of the workers at the Haft-Tappeh Sugarcane Agro-Industry Company assembled before the company building to protest for their demands. Reportedly, the protest turned violent with the interference of the police. Police used pepper spray and beat the protestors.

Sunday, December 19

A number of people whose investments have been blocked in the cryptocurrency exchange “Cryptoland” assembled in front of the head judicial office in Tehran to ask for the return of their lost money.

A number of the drivers and workers of the Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company assembled in front of the Tehran Municipality building and marched in the streets. They demanded the implementation of the Job Classification Plan and the delivery of unpaid wages.

A group of citizens who pre-purchased car from two car companies, Rigan Khoodro and Shahr Khodro, assembled before the company buildings to ask that their money be returned. Reportedly, the companies have neither delivered the cars nor refunded the money to 2000 customers.

A number of educators in Amol, Khorramabad, Isfahan, Javanrud, Lordegan, Malayer, Mariwan, Ramhormoz and Sari assembled before the Ministry of Education of each city. They asked for the implementation of the Job Ranking Plan.

Retirees and pensioners of Fulad Steel Company assembled before the company’s pension fund departments in Isfahan and Ahvaz to ask for pension-related demands.

A number of retirees and pensioners of the Social Security Organization assembled and protested before the organization building in Khorramabad, Arak and Kermanshah cities. They asked that the organization raise wages above the poverty line, close the disparities in wages, pay end of year bonuses and other demands.

A group of faculty members at Payame-Noor University assembled and protested in Shiraz City. They asked to close disparities in wages. They said that these disparities persist despite a Parliament resolution in 2020. Unlike other universities, their income has not been increased.

Monday, December 20

Several trainees at the Gachsaran Oil & Gas Company held protests before the company building. They said that, in breach of agreements, they have not been employed after eight years.

A number of patients with the blood disorder Thalassemia assembled before the Ministry of Health building in Tehran to protest against a market shortage of their required medicine. Earlier, the head of the Thalassemia Association in Fars Province stated that more than 511 patients have lost their lives due to a shortage of more than six months.


Tuesday, December 21

A number of retirees of Iran Telecommunication Company assembled before the building of the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology in Tehran. They asked the company to comply with its own bylaws and regulations and pay medical and dental expenses.

Similarly, a group of retirees of the Shahrekord Telecommunication Company assembled on company premises to ask the company to cover medical and dental expenses and provide other welfare amenities, as mandated by company regulations.

Wednesday, December 22

A group of the workers of the Central Iron Ore Company in Bafgh City assembled at the company entrance. Reportedly, they assembled to demonstrate discontent about the new CEO


A number of shareholders who lost their investments due to fraudulent activities in Iran’s stock market assembled before Parliament. They demanded protection from small investors.

A number of workers of the Iran Chocolate in Tabriz assembled in front of factory headquarters to request delivery of unpaid wages and benefits.

Thursday, December 23

Continuing the nationwide protests in recent weeks, working and retired teachers and educators in more than 100 cities held protests. Among other demands, they demanded the implementation of a plan whereby teachers’ income, depending on a ranking, will be raised up to 80% of faculty members’ salaries.

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