HRANA Recap: This Week’s Protests in Iran

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, a number of protests took place this week in Iran, many of which were continuations of ongoing movements.  Read our recap below for details, photos, and videos from the demonstrations.

Saturday, February 6

A group of personnel aid off from the Khuzestan Telecommunication Company assembled before the company building. They protested against not being able to return to work despite an order by the justice department. During the protest, the security guards closed the door to hinder the protesters from entering the building.

A group of workers who are working at the pumping station of Oil Pipeline No. 5 Goreh-Jask assembled in Bandar Abbas before the governorate building of Hormozgan. According to the workers, they have not received their wages for six months and both former and new contractors have failed to pay wages. A group of workers recruited by the contractors working with the manufacturing company Machine Sazi Arak went on strike in protest against not delay in payments and other issues.

Sunday, February 7

In Mariwan City, a number of teachers assembled to protest against the arrest of teachers’ union activists. They chanted “free Shaaban Mohammadi” and “imprisoned teacher should be released”.

On January 30, 2021, Mohammadi, a member of the Kurdistan Teachers’ Trade Association, was arrested in Mariwan. Earlier, another teachers’ trade association member, Jafar Ebrahimi was sentenced to four years and six months in prison.


A group of contracted teachers assembled before the office of the President in Tehran city to protest against uncertainties in their job conditions.

A number of contracted workers who work for the Sport Organization of Tehran Municipality assembled before the City Council Building to ask that they address their issues.

A group of people who have pre-purchased cars from Ramak Khodro Company protested before Tehran Province Justice Building as well as the Building No. 2 of the Judiciary. They asked judicial authorities to legally hold the company accountable for failing to deliver their cars after four years.

Monday, February 7

A group of personnel of the Isfahan Telecommunication Company assembled before the company building in Isfahan City. They protested against layoffs and invalidation of passport cards. The company has taken revenge on protestors as they have delayed wages and created other issues, and has in turn invalidated protestor’s passport cards and fired two of them completely.

A group of workers of the Kut-e Abdollah Municipality assembled before the city municipal building. They asked for three months of unpaid wages and unpaid employer insurance contributions.

A group of workers of the cement factory, Sepahan, gathered on company premises to ask for their demands.

Wednesday, February 9

A group of motorcycle couriers working for the Snap Food Company assembled before the company’s office in Tehran City to protest against low fees, work hardship and failure to be insured by the employer, among other compalints.

Earlier, they had protested and went on strike but the company has so far neglected their demands.


A number of contractors working for the Mashhad municipality assembled before the governorate building of Razavi Khorasan Province to ask that the municipality to meet its commitments.

Dozens of workers at the Pars paper mill assembled before the governorate building in Shush City to ask for their demands. Reportedly, about 70 workers of the company protested against one month temporary contracts and lack of job security and demanded the implementation of the Job Classification Plan.

A number of citizens who have lost their money in cryptocurrency network KingMoney due to fraudulent financial acts assembled and protested before the entrance of Badran Network Educational Complex in Tehran.


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