Human Rights Activist Dismissed from the State Run Media


May 2, 2010


HRA News Agency – Dr. Mohammad Hassan Yousef Pourseifi was dismissed from work at the state-run media because of his activities in the field of human rights.

According to HRANA,Dr. Mohammad Hassan Yousef Pourseifi, who was formerly subpoenaed and threatened by the Intelligence Division of the Revolutionary Guard, is one of the victims of fraudulent cases made by the security apparatus against human rights activists. He was dismissed from the state-run media.

The security officials of this institute contacted the human rights activist, Mohammad Hassan Yousefpour Seifi, last night and informed him of being dismissed from work and prohibited from all media-related activities.

It must be noted that Mohammad Hassan Yousef Pourseifi holds a doctorate degree in philosophy of media science. He had worked for years as a producer and director in the fields of radio and television.




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