Imprisoned Lawyer On Hunger Strike Since 6 Days Ago

HRANA News Agency – Masood Shamsnezhad, Kurdish lawyer who is currently in workers’ ward of Uremia prison, has gone hunger strike since 6 days ago.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the lawyer has gone on hunger strike from Tuesday 9th December in the workers’ ward in Uremia Prison.
Masood Shamsnezhad has stated his reasons for hunger strike are; refusing his request for medical leave, violation of law and the separation of the prisoners based on the type of crime.
That is to say, he was solicitor for several political prisoners like, Afshari (brothers), Hossein Khezri and Habib Golparipoor, and he was arrested and charged with collaborating with his clients and his law license has been revoked, after his detention in 2013.
Masood Shamsnezhad, also had been candidate in the parliamentary elections of 2011, but he was disqualified by the Guardian Council and was not able to participate in the elections.
On 9 May 2013, he was arrested and taken to the detention of Intelligence Agency headquarters of Uremia on charge of supporting Kurdish political parties and later he was transferred to the central prison of Uremia. On 12 June the same year, he was released on bail of one million Tomans.
Masood Shamsnezhad was charged with two accusations; propaganda against the regime through interviews with Kurdish media abroad and publishing false news and membership in opposition groups. Finally, on 18th May 2013, this lawyer was sentenced to 4 months in prison for propaganda against the regime by the Branch number 2 of the Revolutionary court, presided by Judge Sheikhloo.
The verdict was just approved and finalized in September 2013, by the Appeals Court Branch 10 in West Azerbaijan province.

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