Imprisoned Teacher Prohibited of Visiting his Family

HRANA News Agency – Mahmoud Beheshti Langeroudi, imprisoned teacher, chose to relinquish his right to prison visit by not wearing a prison uniform in order to “protect his dignity and integrity as a human and as an imprisoned teacher and teachers’ union activist”. While the imprisoned teacher’s family were waiting in the visitation hall holding a permit from the prosecutor’s office, he refused to wear the prison uniform and has called the insistence of the authorities of Ward 7 on him to wear the prison uniform illegal.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mahmoud Beheshti’s family were present on time at the prison for the private visitation which is only allowed once a month, and after the routine procedure and about one and half hour of waiting in the visitation hall, prison authorities notified them that the visit had been cancelled.

After enquiring for the reason of the cancellation, Mr. Beheshti’s Family have been told by the authorities that the reason for the cancellation is unknown.

Mahmoud Beheshti langeroudi in a phone call to his family, has announced the reason for the cancellation of the visit is his refusal to wear the prison uniform in order to “protect his dignity and integrity as a human and as an imprisoned teacher.”

Every Saturday and Sunday are scheduled for the visitation of the families of prisoners of ward 7 at the Evin Prison.

The authorities of each ward of the Evin Prison act as they like about the prison uniforms known as “barb wire uniform” being mandatory, and there is no law, regulations or directive regarding the prison uniform being mandatory.

Mohmoud Beheshti Langeroudi, former spokesperson of teachers’ union, on 14th January returned to Evin Prison after his request for extending furlough was denied. Previously Mr. Beheshti was granted a furlough after a 21-day-hunger strike in protest to his unfair 9-year-prison sentence which has been issued in a closed trial without a jury.

It’s worth mentioning that he was sentenced to imprisonment by branch number 15 of the revolutionary court with chief judge Salavati, more than 2 years ago.

Mr. Beheshti received his sentence in June 2013, and announced on his Facebook: “Mr. Salavati has disclosed my Sentence to me, 4 years of imprisonment for being charged with gathering and colluding against national security, and 1 year of imprisonment for being charged with propaganda against the regime” he added: “considering the 4 years suspended sentence, it adds up to 9 years of imprisonment, so easy!”

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