Imprisonment and monetary penalty for the eldest Baha’i citizen

HRANA News Agency – Southern Khorasan appealed decreased the Birjand revolutionary court from three years imprisonment to one year and fine for Mohammad Hossain Nakh’ie.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), southern Khorasan provincial appealed decreased the 3 years imprisonment verdict of Mohammad Hossain Nakh’ie, the Baha’i citizen who has 85 years old, to one year imprisonment and 6 million tomans fine.
Mohammad Hossain Nakh’ie has arrested since May 13th of 2012 by the Etela’at agents at his home in Khousef village and is in Birjand prison until now.
First this Baha’i citizen has sentenced to three years imprisonment by Birjand revolutionary court on charge of propaganda against regime.

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