Increasing number of daily-paid workers in Salmas

HRANA News Agency – Lack of correct management of the officials in Salmas and law have given the opportunity to the employers to abuse workers’ rights and continuously hire daily-paid workers.


According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), several factories in Salmas are just paying the workers by the amount of work hours and their workers are deprived of all the benefits and labor law supports such as insurance, festive, rewards, non-financial aid, fixed salary and … . These workers have the worst condition in the workers community.


The number of this kind of workers who are working mostly in factories is increasing every year.


While till now there is no plan for the organizing and reconsidering the workers problems in daily-paid section in this city, there is no support to daily-paid workers in the labor law.


Officials’ management problems have given the opportunity to the employers in this city to hire only daily-paid workers. The silence about misusing daily-paid workers in this city is still continuing and nothing has been done to resolve this issue.

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