Indiscriminate Violence Perpetuated by State Security Forces Leaves Ten Dead and Wounded

HRANA- Violence perpetuated by state security forces has left ten people dead or wounded over the last week in Iran.

HRANA has learned that the indiscriminate violence against citizens has killed or wounded ten citizens in the cities of Iranshahr , Sardasht and Ahar. Reports reveal that seven Kurdish workers in the town of Sardasht were wounded after being fired upon by state security forces. Four individuals were taken to the hospital in Mahabad and there is no information on their conditions at this time.

Furthermore, a young Balouchi man by the name of Arash Bahadari was killed by the Revolutionary Guard during a wedding on Saturday July 30, 2009.

In a conversation with HRANA reporters, locals in the town of Ahar reported that two young men by the names of Ali Habibzadeh and Mohammad Ebrahim were killed last week by state security forces.

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