Influenza spreads in Rajaie Shahr prison and not enough medical treatments

HRANA News Agency – Most of the political prisoners of Rajaie Shahr prison got influenza disease and the clinic of prison is not providing enough medical treatment to them.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), in the pas weeks influenza disease has spread inside Rajaie Shahr prison as epidemic. This disease which causes coughing, headache, muscle and joint pain, body-ache and … has spread in ward 4 of hall No.12 of the prison.

The political prisoners who asked medicine and treatments from the clinic of the prison, were able to get only some simple medicine for cold; And the clinic told to the political prisoners that there is no medicine.
This happens while in the past years, with the beginning of the cold season the old and sick prisoners were vaccinated against influenza which did not happen this year.
Till now more than half of the prisoners in hall No.12 of Rajaie Shahr prison got sick by influenza.
Translated by: Ramyar Hassani

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