No Information About 8 Death Row Political Prisoners In Ahwaz

HRANA News Agency – There are reports about some inhabitants of Ahwaz being arrested. Meanwhile, the condition of 8 detainees who were sentenced to death by branch number one of the revolutionary court on charge of sacrilege, has been reported to be critical.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), some citizens with the names of Majid Kabi, Milad Ben Saeed, Naeim Dalfiyeh in Sepidar prison of Ahvaz, and Vahid Mohammad Mousayi and Danial Khairi in Ramshir were arrested by the intelligence forces.
Some sources reported that Majid Kabi and Milad Ben Saeed were beaten while being arrested.
There is no information regarding the status and the detention centre where they are held in.
It is said that these activists and other Ahvazi activists planned for a protest about the sudden death of political prisoner, Mohammad Hamadi. Mohammad Hamadi was the habitant of Kooy-e-Golestan of Ahvaz and died in Ahvaz prison for unknown reasons. This young prisoner spent a while in Sepidar prison, and was recently transferred to Shayban prison, where he died.
In another report, there is no information about 8 Ahvazi civil rights activists who were sentenced to death by branch number 1 of the revolutionary court of Ahvaz.
Local source say, there are many prisoners and activists in Khouzestan province who are in death row or are serving long term prison sentences.

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