No Information about Afsaneh and Shahoo Bayazidi

HRANA News Agency – After weeks since Afsaneh and Shahoo Bayazidi have been arrested, yet there is no news about their condition and status, and their family is concerned.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Afsaneh and Shahoo Bayazidi, Boukani siblings, were arrested few days after each other and transferred to an unknown location.

Bayazidi family has done a lot of effort to find any information about them, and despite the fact they were told unofficially that they were kept in intelligence service’s custody in Boukan, but still there is no official information about their fate and status.

The Bayazidi family is very concerned due to the fact that Afsaneh has multiple arrests on her record and also is under the threat of long term imprisonment.

Afsaneh Bayazidi, Boukani student was arrested in her house by security forces on April 24. No court order was shown and no explanation was made about the reason of this arrest.

Shahoo Bayazidi was arrested few days later on April 28 with the same manner at his workplace for unknown reasons.

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