Further Information about Executions in Central Prison of Uremia

HRANA News Agency – New reports indicate that only 5 of 7 prisoners who had been transferred to solitary confinements in Central Prison of Uremia were executed this morning. The executions of a woman and a man were postponed for unknown reasons.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Mohammad Abdollahi, political prisoners and 6 drug offenders had been taken to solitary confinements of Central Prison of Uremia last evening to be executed.

Kamran Pouraft from Piranshahr, Tohid Pourmehdi from Uremia, Jahangir Razavizade from Uremia, Jabrail Kanaani from Uremia and a prisoner with unknown identity are the 5 others who were executed on drug-related charges.

Mr. Razavizade’s sife, Parisa Hatami (Agai) had also been transferred to the solitary confinement but was not executed for unknown reason.

The newest reports indicate that Tohid Pourmehdi was also not executed for unknown reason and returned to the ward some hours ago.

A close source to Jahangir Razavizade had told HRANA’s reporter: “Mr. Razavizade and his wife are arrested and charged in the same case. Both of them have been sentenced to death. Their son was born in the prison and is now 3 years old. Last night the authorities said that the child was grown enough and gave it to Mr. Razavizade’s family outside the prison.”

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