No information about the situation of 7 arrested Christians

HRANA News Agency – Ehsan Sadeghi, Nazi Irani, Maryam Asadi, Ali Arfa`, Vahid Safi, Enayat Safi and Amin Mazloumi, the new converted to Christianity are in uncertain condition.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Ehsan Sadeghi, Nazi Irani, Maryam Asadi, Ali Arfa`, Vahid Safi, Enayat Safi, Amin Mazloumi and another person were arrested during a raid by security forces to a church in southern Tehran, on Friday April 18.

According to this report, some new converted to Christianity, were arrested by security forces who were equipped with handgun and radio, in a very insulting manner, in Eastern day, at the house of Ms. Asadi. Security forces has investigated the house and confiscated some books and pamphlet.

These eight new converted to Christianity three of whom are Afghan citizens are still in uncertain situation and under arrest of a military organization.

According to HRANA’s reporter, after the follow up of their families to intelligence service and police they have told that theirs arrest was carried out by a military related organization and until their interrogations finishes they could not have any contact with them. They have also been told that they should not publicize this issue and should not have interview with any “stranger”.

The source of HRANA has reported that the families of Asadi and Mazloumi could talk with their children.

Summoning, kidnapping, arresting, persecution, harassment and heavy sentences of new converted to Christianity, has risen dramatically after the Islamic Republic leaders, especially Ayatollah Khamenei warned about the increase of home churches and hundreds of new Christians have insulted and arrested by security forces since then.

During past years even the accepted churches were closed under the pressure of intelligence service and security organizations.

Few years ago, the supreme leader of Iran, in a speech in Qom, called the home-churches as a “threat” for the society and stated, “the enemies are using different ways from spreading the lust and envy, spreading network of home-churches to different types of theosophy to instable the believes of the people and specifically the youth. These are done after studies and forecast of enemies and their goal is to unsecure the Islam in society”.

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