Injured protesters died due to infections

Mohammad Maleki

Mohammad Maleki, born in 1996, was married and a resident of Qaleh Mir in Baharestan County in Tehran Province. He was a peddler and his only child was born two weeks ago. Mr. Maleki, 23-year old, was shot in the waist by the security forces in Saveh road during the last November’s mass protests. He was permanently paralyzed after the bullet passed his lungs and destroyed his spine. He passed away because of the injuries on January 26, 2020, two weeks after the birth of his child. He was buried on January 28 in Tehran.

A source close to Mr. Maleki told HRANA that Mr. Maleki was released from the hospital in December 2019 and died on January 26, 2020, in his residence. The physician who was called to visit him refused to issue a death certificate after learning about his condition claiming that he should inform the police. After the physician called the police, his body was taken to the forensic medicine while four undercover security agents monitored his house. His body was taken to Kahrizak’s medical examiner’s office despite his family’s disapproval. His family was permitted to bury him in Emamzadeh Baqer Golestan Saleh Abad cemetery in Baharestan County in Tehran Province after medical examination a removing the bullet from his body.

According to this source, his family was pressured to permit medical examination and in return, he could be regarded as a martyr and his body would be given back to his family for burial. Otherwise, he should be buried overnight without any ceremony. Eventually, his family got permission to bury him, on the condition that if later authorities find out the bullet that was removed from his body was shot by a police’s weapon, the family should pay for the bullet.

While he was in the hospital, YJC reporter interviewed him and claimed that he is a victim of rioters who shoots ordinary people. During this report that was aired on November 22 on the Iranian state TV (IRIB), Mr. Maleki explains that there are still three bullets left in his abdomen. In this report, it was implied that he was shot by the protester. The source close to him added that Mr. Maleki was in a state of fear and his injuries made him do the interview, but he disagrees that the protesters shot him.

Amir (Shahpour) Ojani

Amir Ojani was 43 years old, married, and father to four children. He owned a sandwich shop in Parand city. Mr. Ojani was shot in the foot by the security forces during the last November’s mass protests in Parand city located in Tehran Province. Several state-owned hospitals refused to admit him claiming that they received an order not to admit the injured protesters. Eventually, Ebnesina private hospital admitted him. Mr. Ojani died on January 9, 2020, because of infection and pulmonary embolism.

A source close to Mr. Ojani told HRANA that Mr. Ojani was shot in foot during the last November’s mass protests in one of the main squares of Parand city, breaking his foot’s bone. He went to a local clinic in the first 3-4 days just to refresh his bondage. After a few days, he was transferred to several hospitals, including Firouzgar Hospital in Tehran but they refused to admit him because of his gunshot wound. Finally, a private hospital accepted him, but he died because of infection and pulmonary embolism. There were only 45 days between his injury and his death.

The source added that the security forces identified him after checking footages from the CCTVs and went to his residence to arrest him when they were informed by his wife that he is hospitalized and in a serious condition. The security forces went to the hospital to monitor him. He was banned from having a visitor in the last ten days of his life.


The nationwide protests of November are one of the most significant events of 2019. During the November protests that lasted more than 10 days simultaneously in 719 parts of the country. At least 7133 people were arrested, hundreds died on the streets, and many protesters got gunshot wounds.

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