Internet Cafés Required to Log User ID

HRANA News Agency – Iran’s new Chief of Police for Public Places, Colonel Khalil Halali, has taken steps towards monitoring internet users in cyber cafés.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on the recommendation of the Iranian Cyber Security Police, a new memorandum has been issued by the Department of Public Places to the Audio and Video Trade Union and the Guild of Cyber Café Owners requiring them to install closed circuit cameras in their shops and to document all identification belonging to a customer using the internet.

Based on the instruction given in this memo, a registration log for the cost of $15.00 will be provided to each business.Cyber café owners must record an internet user’s personal identification information such as his full name, date of birth and national ID number.Additionally, the date and time when the user accessed the system must also be logged.


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