Interrogator Prevents Saeid Hossainzadeh from Having Medical Furlough

HRANA News Agency – Judicial officials have said to Saeid Hossainzadeh that the interrogators prevented him from having furlough. This is while, the case has entered into court processing long times ago, and by issuance of the final sentence, the interrogators are not allowed to interfere in the case anymore.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), prison authorities have stated that the interrogator has ordered to ban his furlough for and said that by publishing news about his condition in prison, he is now a under monitoring.
14 days since the beginning of hunger strike of this civil rights activist, he is facing great weight loss and his heart and respiratory problems are amplified.
In the beginning of the week Saeid Hossainzadeh was threatened and beaten by one of the personnel of prison clinic. Prison authorities said that he had to continue his medical treatment inside the prison clinic until further notice, which according to most of the prisoners does not have basic facilities.
This civil rights activist who has started his hunger strike since February 19, has announced that he would convert his strike to dry-hunger strike, if his demands would remain without proper response.
This civil rights activist who announced his hunger strike in a letter, has mentioned that he was suffering from different diseases like rheumatism, short breath, heart diseases and stomach infection and bleeding.
He also mentioned that unusual behavior during his transfer to hospital made his situation worse.
Saeid Hossainzadeh. 27, was transferred to Imam Khomaini hospital on February 16, and physicians confirmed that junction rheumatism has spread to heart, and therefore he needed constant and continuous medical treatments, and could not bear prison condition.
Prior to that forensic has approved that he was not able to tolerate imprisonment anymore.
Saeid Hossainzadeh, was arrested in autumn 2015 in his house by the revolutionary guards and was transferred to the solitary confinement of ward 2-A in Evin prison.
He was charged with propaganda against the regime in branch number 28 of the revolutionary court by judge Moghiseh and sentenced to 7 years in prison. This sentence was confirmed by judge Zargar in branch number 36 of the appeal court. This is while the accumulation of these two charges could not be more than 4 years.
Saeid Hossainzadeh is currently serving the second year of his sentence in ward number 7 of Evin prison.

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