An introduction about Human Rights Activists in Iran

HRANA News Agency – On 13th September, VOA Persian, in its “civil society” program introduced the Human Rights Activists in Iran and various parts of it such as Human Rights Activists News Agency, HRANA, “Way of the Peace” journal, the Fourth Pillar Committee, Center for Statistics in its “civil society” program.

The aim of the program is to develop the civil society and improve familiarity with Human Rights Activists and to give a brief introduction, as well as detailed information about the records and history, activities and structure of this association with raising some questions to cover a variety of topics.

This video is very useful and beneficial for compatriots who are interested in further information on this organization and its divisions.
Voice of America TV program focused on the importance of civil society and the need to develop civil society in nowadays world. Concepts such as civic responsibility, collective rights and interests, the union’s rules, syndicates andunions in Iran are some of the issues which are explored in this weekly program.


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