Iran: six prisoners hanged in one day

HRANA News Agency – six prisoners hanged in different cities of Iran on Wednesday.

According to the reports by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), following the verdict by Shahroud revolutionary court, Wednesday morning two prisoners have been hanged on charge of smuggling drugs.

The prisoners names were M.SH the son of Habibollah from Minoudasht and M.F the son of Gholam and the verdict took place in the yard of central prison of Semnan.

At the same day, Wednesday 16th of January, two more prisoners have been hanged on charge of rape; One of the prisoners has been hanged in the central prison of Mashhad and the other took place in the Sabzevar stadium.

According to the photos of the Sabzevar stadium, people watched the scene from the seats of the stadium in a unparalleled action which is going to be a norm in Iran and there is no objection from the international federation of football until now about it.

Also, The same day, two men who were accused of murder in different  cases, have been hanged in Rajaie Shahr prison.

First prisoner was a young guy who was accused to death on charge of murder an old woman by knife hits during a housebreaking on October 2008.

The second one was accused to death on charge of murder of an iron businessman on October 2007. After he arrested he confessed that “I had financial disputes with the slain and then I arranged an appointment with him, in one moment I lost my control and I killed him by knife hit.”

Translated by: Ramyar Hassani

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