Iranian Christians Arrested in Mashad

HRANA- A number of followers of the Christian faith in Mashad were arrested by state security and intelligence forces. There is no word on the fate of two of those arrested.

HRANA has learned that on Thursday July 8, 2010 a group of fifteen Iranian Christians were arrested by state security and intelligence forces in Mashad as they were departing for a meeting with Christians from the city of Bojnourd.

According to informed sources, intelligence agents were aware of the trip in advance. The bus was stopped minutes after the travelers boarded. Security and intelligence forces then arrested the fifteen Christians on board who had been identified in advance.

All fifteen individuals were transferred to the detention center in the Ministry of Intelligence Headquarters for the Khorasan province in Mashad where they were subjected to continuous and intensive interrogations. Thirteen of the arrested were relased after a week of interrogations and after signing commitment letters.

Two individuals by the name of Reza Estifan and Ehsan Behrouz refused to sign any documents and remain in detention.

Reports indicate that after Ehsan Behrouz was arrested three intelligence agents took him to his residence where they confiscated his computer, books, and newspapers after searching his home. Ehsan Behrouz, a student and member of House Church of Mashad, has had only two short phone calls to his family since his arrest. Reza Estifan is married with two children.

Ehsan Behrouz and Reza Estifan remain in the Ministry of Intelligence of Mashad’s detention center. Their file has been sent to the 901st Branch of the Revolutionary Court located on Koohesangi Street. The two have not had access to a lawyer and no charges have been announced to date.

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